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Haverpalooza 2020 Schedule

Here is the schedule for our big event taking place tonight from 6pm only on Radio Haver.

Pre Show (6pm)

We kick off the pre show with a great set list from Tommy Clark.

Hour 1 (7pm)

Song Stay the Fuck at home performed by Robert Emmett Kelly lyrics by Chris Franklin

A special episode by GravityBeard

I Like To Like Things Special

Lockdown stories written by Jeff Zycinski and read by Karen Bartke

Hour 2 (8pm)

We will clap for the carers

We have a great song entitled 'Piece By Piece by BRAW

An interview with Jarrod Finn, the creator of Hunter: A Short Film as well as his cast including Kris Wilcox, Katherine Bokenkamp, Max Deremiah & Floren Kyteler.

Plus our next lockdown story by Jeff and read by Karen.

Hour 3 (9pm)

We take a detour down the treaturous streets of Tangent City thanks to the creative genius that is Dave Maresca of the Hollow9ine Network

Hour 4 (10pm)

The worldwide premiere of Mic Loaded hosted by Drew Carson

Hour 5 (11pm)

A Strength in Gaming Special

Song: Laboratory Ruins Batman by Super MadNES

Best Horror Movies to watch during this lockdown with Drew Carson and Mike King of the Graveyard Shift Podcast

A final lockdown story by Jeff read by Karen.

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