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Joining The List

We have an incredible music act joining the Radio Haver jukebox this week in the form of:


M.G. Evans has been called 'Scotland's Best Kept Musical Secret' by The Daily Record's Rick Fulton. M.G. plays a mixture of Americana and Blues, his song's are from a storyteller point of view putting himself in the shoes of others while drawing from personal experience.

M.G. gigs around Scotland in venues such as King Tuts, The Renfrew Ferry, The Record Factory, The Bungalow, The Tall Ship, BOX, Pivo Pivo, Paisley Arts Centres a mini tour supporting Benny Gallagher 'Gallagher & Lyle's and also a supporting gig with Chris Helme ‘ex seahorses’. He has also released 2 very successful EP’s sold through HMV in which he played an in store gig alongside The Temperance Movement.

" WOW! Why isn't this Glasgow 30-something singer living in Wishaw as big as Paolo Nutini? With an incredibly rich, soulful voice, he has the power and songs of a male Adele. Seriously, listen to Beautiful Blueberries - the first song of this three track EP- and tell me he doesn't match her or other soul singers like Van Morrison or Gavin Friday. 

The lyrics are at once deep and light, stirring and emotive with lines such as "you worked your fingers to the bone" but leaving you hopeful with the higher-octave chorus. Throwing Them All Away is a song of hope as he sings "apples will grow again out in the orchard" to swirling strings and a delicate chiming guitar. Forever You has the fist-in-the-air quality of Bruce Springsteen or Big Country. Scotland's best kept musical secret!"

- Rick Fulton

Daily Record

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