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New Day New Partnership

We here at Radio Haver are thrilled to announce we will be bringing you music acts from F32 Records.

"F32 Records is a community record label based in Greenwood Academy, Dreghorn, North Ayrshire.

Led by Stuart Brown and Alyson Rogers, the record label provides the opportunity for pupils and members of the community to work on songwriting, recordings, distribution as well as working with digital media such as photography and film making.

They have created professional links with Shootback Productions, a digital media company; The Facility, a Nashville recording studio; and Bauer Media Group.

They have written, recorded and distributed Mackenzie Fox's debut album, Lost Souls. They have also released the debut single, Out Of Luck with new artist, Katie Palmer. Both are currently working on new material as we speak.

Please check out their Artists page for news and upcoming releases.

They are always looking for people in the community who are interested in any aspect of the industry and who want to get involved.

Find out more at these links:

Facebook - F32 Records

Twitter - @F32Records

Instagram - F32 Records

YouTube - F32 Records


The first two artists to be featured are:

Katie Palmer Debut Single - Out Of Luck

Katie Palmer is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Ayrshire, Scotland UK. 

She has always enjoyed singing from a very young age. While growing up, Katie showed a deep interest for music and was given a guitar at the age of 12 as a present. This allowed her to progress further into her musical journey and really enhanced her love of songwriting.

Katie has a passion for pop music with a country feel and was influenced by Taylor Swift's early material. She also lists artists such as Ed Sheehan, ABBA and The Eagles as important influences and the blend of acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies in her own unique country pop style can be heard in her work.

Through F32 Records, Katie has already had some great experiences such as shooting her own music video and having the opportunity to record her own songs.

Facebook - Katie Palmer Music

Twitter - @ktpalmermusic

Instagram - Katie Palmer Music

YouTube - F32 Records

Mackenzie Fox

Debut Album - Lost Souls

Mackenzie Fox is a singer-songwriter from Ayrshire, Scotland UK. 

His debut album 'Lost Souls' was released in September 2018. 

Mackenzie has hosted a very successful album launch and had the pleasure of supporting James Grant in a sold out gig.

Mackenzie will also be headlining his own showcase in associating with Freckfest on 16th February. 

Mackenzie is influenced by vintage artists such as; Marvin Gaye, Sam and Dave, Ann Peebles, Aretha Franklin and current artists such as; Paolo Nutini, Lorde, Chris Martin and Sigrid. 

From a early age Mackenzie's passion has always been singing and performing, it was no surprise to his family and friends that creating music would be his chosen career. 

The journey so far has been one of great fortune and within every opportunity Mackenzie has learned and developed into a heartfelt performer. 

The future holds true and bright prospects along with his live band who will be promoting and performing his album Lost Souls. 

Facebook - Mackenzie Fox

Instagram - Mackenzie Fox Music

YouTube - F32 Records


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