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New Music Stars To Play On Radio Haver

Updated: Dec 1, 2018

In some more great news we can announce that along with, the previously announced, Zeitgeist Zero & Joseph Paton our musical stars have grown to include the incredible:


A 3-piece blues/rock band with heavy influences of the Black Crowes, BRMC, early Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin.



A riotous 4-piece power house, bursting out of Central Scotland armed with heavy riffs and massive choruses. They have a mission statement to bring their brand of melody-infused rock to the masses.

SoundCloud Spotify YouTube


Mariachi Death Squad are a reverb crashin', point breakin' power surf trio. The experience of Mariachi Death Squad is akin to that of the Fujiwara Effect where, after a delicate and beautiful dance of nature, everything is then BLOWN AWAY.

Instagram Bandcamp

Chris Rogers

Chris is an extremely gifted singer/songwriter currently residing in East Kilbride, Scotland. He blends folk music with very inventive lyrics to create a sound that is completely his own.


Carson Dowhan

Dowhan crafts an intimate balance of songs driven by rhythmic guitar, intertwined with emotive narratives of cluelessness of love. He varies from slow, acoustic ballads to upbeat acoustic-pop songs, reminiscent of Jason Mraz and Matt Nathanson.

Soundcloud Website Facebook Twitter


NEON MGM are a three piece alt-rock/modern rock band based in Dundee, Scotland that will rock your socks off folks!

Soundcloud Facebook

There will be more bands to be announced soon and don't fret if rock music is not your cup of tea we will be featuring all genres on Radio Haver along with interviews and even live performances. If there is a great unsigned act you would like to see on the station then get in touch at and let us know.

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