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Spy Convention In Town

We are thrilled to welcome the music of the awesome US duo "Spy Convention to Radio Haver.

"Band origins can be as much an adventure as the music, but who would have ever thought that two immigrants, one from India and one from Pakistan would get together and decide to write music? To really complicate things, both are practicing physicians with their own busy offices, Zafar Shiek, an ophthalmologist and Asif Khan, an allergist are also fathers and husbands who never could have imagined a chance meeting at their kid's school function would result in writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering songs all of their own. But that's exactly how Spy convention became a songwriting duo."

If you're ready to hear some fresh new music and learn more about the band at their links below:






Waking For A Dream (Video)

Baltimore (Video)

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